Belated Christmas present

It’s hardly been going to the plot weather, hence the complete lack of posts. But I did go and check my allotment yesterday, as the gales have caused quite a lot of damage locally. Nothing was wrong there, but look at this:

allotment strawberry bed My new ‘free form’ strawberry bed! It’s been built alongside the path and to abut (but not touch) the asparagus bed, so it’s an odd shape but I love it.

Now I just need to drag OH to the plot again so we can bed it down properly, then it’s my job to fill it with manure, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow … I hope the strawberries appreciate the efforts we’re going to!


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  1. 1

    CJ said,

    It’s great! I have plans to make a new strawberry bed at the allotment, but I need to find some time and also a dry-ish window in the weather. It will all be worth it when we’re picking bowlfuls of strawberries in July though!

  2. 2

    Nice to keep them all contained and they will love the manure and will praise your wheelbarrow hard work by growing nice plump and tasty! 🙂

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